Capital Area Food Bank of Texas Emails

Tom and Helena

Edited by Megan Kilgore

Tom and Helena is short video client story for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas in fall 2013. Still photographs were produced by the City of San Saba, Texas and Joel Salcido (produced for the Food Bank).

The State of Women’s Health

This interactive storytelling project explores the dramatic changes to the Texas Women’s Health Program during the 2011 legislative session and the after effects of those changes. View site.

Hightower Farm

Produced by Max Anderson and Megan Kilgore

This short documentary tells the story of David Hightower, a landowner in Northeast Texas whose farm and livelihood has been affected by the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Still photos are courtesy of David Hightower.

Art from the Streets

Produced by Megan Kilgore

This multimedia storytelling project explores the history and impact of a volunteer-run program for homeless artists in Austin, Texas, from its creation to the 2012 annual show and sale. View site.